Move, then…

There are lots of things that you could and should be doing between your workouts to improve your overall wellbeing . A LOT of things, but we’ll just review a few.

…EAT some quality protein. Do some research on how much protein you need based off of your current weight and activity level. If you’re anything like me working out hard makes you ravenous , so be sure to have a plan for a healthy, balanced meal with protein to eat afterwards.

…SLEEP. Make sure you get as much rest as you can when you can. Sleep sort of ‘seals the deal’ on things , including your metabolism .

…REFLECT and begin to plan for progression. Set a fitness goal for yourself . An example that’s worked for me in the past is signing up for a race and having my goal be that I’d finish it without stopping or walking or under a certain time.

…REWARD yourself. But not with FOOD 😄. Reward yourself something like new workout clothes, workout gear , or gadgets .

I’m quick to spend a good $100 on eating out and alcohol within a pay period and not think much of it until the money is gone, but when it comes to other things like workout gear or a boutique fitness class, I’m like, ” That’s not in my budget”. Therefore my belly rolls when I sit down like in this picture and I only have a few quality active wear pieces in my closet.


Motivation Killers & Excuses

Having taken a few days off from my posting schedule , I thought it only appropriate to come back with a post on motivation killers and excuses.

Who killed my motivation ? Me. (It’s that simple) . How did I do it? By setting my intention and focus on everything other than myself and my writing goals . I had a family trip. I had week alone in the office. I had chores. But I had plenty of time .

I had all the time in the world to do what mattered to me and made me happy , but I chose , out of a sense of obligation to do otherwise. I also worked out very little in this time period, using much of the aforementioned excuses as the reason why.

What did I gain in the end? A surprise date with anxiety this Monday that prompted me to take the day off to handle the business that really needed to be handled, rest and regroup.

My living room quickly became a yoga studio, meditation room, massage parlor, reading nook and spiritual center. I fed my senses with a aromatic candle. I fed my spirit with scripture and ‘good news’ , I nourished my mind and journaled the crap out and poured positivity in with some inspiring books, and released actual tension and deep breathing. And in all of that I thought, “ When was the last time I did this?” . That my friends, is a sign.

So after that I felt like myself again, and worked my way back into the gym, back to some healthy choices. Some.

Take a break, take a breath, become more self-aware. Identify your motivation killers and note the excuses you hear yourself often giving. Then do the work to circumnavigate these to reach your goal. Keep going.

Tabitha and I completing some mat work , stretching of the deep fascia to relieve tension . No filter.

…at work

What you do for money can have a great impact on your health. Whether you’re on your feet majority of the time , constantly in motion or stationary, mostly sitting below are some tips to help you boost your overall well being while on the clock.

WALK UP– Walk up the stairs ( if you have any at your job) at the beginning of your work day/shift. I’m going to ask you to trust me on this one. It will make sense when you get to your floor. You can thank me later.

GET UP– If your job is primarily done from a chair get up. Get up whenever you can. Use a timer to remind you to stand or take a break. Stretch, yawn, walk away from your workspace for for some juicy gossip. Ask your manager for standing desk or rig up your own version of one with a anti-fatigue mat ( or kitchen mat).

STOCK UP– Don’t live out of the vending machine. At the very least, stock up on some healthy, non-perishable snack and meal items and stock them in your drawer. I keep things like granola bars, low sodium tuna, soup, LOTS of tea, honey, bottled water, etc to keep me going and less likely to make a bad decision. Do I still go to the vending machine sometimes ? Of course ! Some days I just feel like an Little Debbie cake.

SHUT UP– Shut up talking about work . Start talking about your life. Start focusing on what you love and who you love, as you exit your place of work. I’m am guilty of reliving my work day through conversation, and will admit that it only makes me feel better about 50% of the time. Plan what you’re going to DO immediately after work. Don’t take your stress home with you.


“Being Healthy is a Revolutionary Act”

“ Being Healthy is a Revolutionary Act” is a fancy way of saying that if you’re interested or attempting to become a healthier version of yourself, that it won’t be easy.

My inclination is to quit, when I think…whatever…is too much. My inclination is to respond to situations pretty much the same way every time. My inclination is to make excuses.

But when it comes to revolution, truth needs to be spoken (out loud) and changes have to be made. Sometimes you have to say “ I was wrong.” Sometimes you have to leave negative people or situations behind. Sometimes you have to admit you are the negative person that created the ‘situation’. Sometimes you have to start giving more than you take. Sometimes you have to say ‘no’. Sometimes you have to grow a thicker skin.

Say, ” I spend too much time in my feelings,” and then get out of them, even when you have literally become a part of your bed and/or couch. When Netflix asks you , ” Are you still there?”, turn it off.

Say, ” My health is out of control,” and then go for a short walk, take a few steps into the direction of a healthier life .

Say, ” I keep putting (fill in the blank) off, because I’m afraid (fill in the blank)”, then stop putting what you want to get done or need to get done off.

I figure I have one life to live and I can’t waste that time under the covers; just stuck. So I’m taking responsibility for my mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional health. Whatever that looks like for you, I encourage you to the same.

It will be difficult, it will hurt, it will be uncomfortable, it will take more time than what you prefer. It will be challenging, you will want to quit but it will be worth it. Keep going.Graff-Netflix-crop

You will never speak to anyone more than you speak to yourself in your head. Be kind to yourself.

Immediately after writing my first post I began to tell myself , ” That’s stupid. That’s lame. That’s too plain. It’s too short. Too vague. Too random. Too ’emo’. Weak.” Immediately I ‘went there’. I’m not sure if I’ll ever stop doing that. I cannot say when the negative self-talk started, but I can push back . Fight darkness with light and talk myself back into something I’ve started that could potentially be good for me and someone else. So let’s practice…

Say This…
“I love every cell of my body.”
Not That…
“I’m fat.”

Say This…
“May the next few months be a period of magnificent transformation.”
Not That…
“I’ll never lose this weight.”

Say This…
“ I can.”
Not That…
“ I can’t.”

Say This…
“ I lose weight systematically and I keep it off permanently.”
Not That…
“ I can’t get rid of this stomach.”

Me: Post an honest picture of yourself in your true element, maybe it will inspire someone       Also Me: Your bedroom is a mess and your workout close don’t match, you tacky heffa




“Every Day Is New Day and a New Opportunity to Take Care of Yourself”

I am the queen of quitting. I am a pro at starting over and beginning again and this is not limited to caring for myself. This is actually the 3rd blog I’ve attempted to consistently contribute to in my lifetime. I’ve started and stopped hobbies, careers, degrees, relationships, and more with astonishing alacrity. I love to learn, I love new experiences and I love to stretch my mind. However, when it comes to taking care of myself , I’ve come to realize that quitting has dire options and I have a limited amount of chances to ‘begin again’ without consequence.

Remember when you were 20 years old and you could eat like a box of 12 Krispy Kreme doughnuts and not gain weight? Remember when you were 14 years old and could climb that rope in gymnastics without huffing or puffing? Remember being 9 years old and playing literally all day? Well FORGET THAT SHIT, that ain’t what this blog is about.

I’m not sure exactly what this blog will be about , but it won’t be a place where we ‘shoulda-coulda-woulda’ all day. We all know what we need to do. It’s not a mystery. The task at hand is to continue to stay motivated and provide support, encouragement for one another to be the best versions of ourselves : physically, spiritually, emotionally, relationally.

Hold me up and I’ll hold you up. I’ll give you what I got, you give me what you got. I’ll cheer you forward, you cheer me forward. Today is a new day, going forward we are seeking and cultivating inspiration to taking care of ourselves. Ready?

I played softball for maybe 2-3 years, before moving on to basketball,then track, then no team sports whatsoever by high school